I’m a french music producer, soundtrack composer, visual artist and performer born in 1988 and currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

I studied art in Lyon and Nantes (Fr) and learned classical and modern piano for 15 years before starting to release electronic music with under the name Strapontin on labels Optimo, My Favorite Robot, I’m a Cliché or Hard Fist. I also direct my own music videos in collaboration with belgian director Yvan Megal. I make visual art which most of the time appears as sculptures and had few exhibition and I also work as a performer and am part of the contemporary dance collective Poetic Punkers, working on both composition of soundtracks and performance.

My diverse work takes place in worlds usually barely connected: nightclubs, theaters, cinemas, art galleries… Every work made in one place influences and inspires the other. To me every mediums are connected to each other and I don’t see myself as a “touche-à-tout”, I’m working on the same things but the final forms are shown in different areas.

Same art, different mediums.

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