” Strapontin is not a man afraid of trying new things. Signed to the labels Optimo, Hard Fist, I’m A Cliché, la Belle or Invisble Inc, the belgian artist has crafted his own musical style, located somewhere in an unknown land between post punk, tribal downtempo and dark disco. With heavy, sensual beats, other-worldly vocals and cavernous basslines, his view of music is adventurous and mindful with a taste of queerness. “

Albums & EP’s :


Remixes :

Eliezer – Post Beat / Days of Being Wild
Golden Bug feat. Yan Wagner – Wild Boys / LaBelle Record
Karpov Not Kasparov – Elisabeta / Karakter
Adam & Electer – Highgate / Irradiant Hologram
Moritz Simon Geist – Under Destruction / Sonic Robots Records
Mugwump – Empty Peculiar / Subfield
Carmen Maria Vega – Le Grand Secret / At Home
Alda – Pleasure Bass / CrowHunt Records
Bad Habits – Uzdaras Vakaras / Bad Habits
Vox Low – Velvet Keats / indie
Wild Women & the Savages – Credits / indie

Edits :

Detroit Line Dance – Strapontin Edit / Tursiops
Areski Belkacem – Depuis ( Strapontin Stateless Edit) #19 / Hard Fist
Par Grindvik – Wyatt Arp (Strapontin Edit) / Feinstoff
I’m a Cliché 71 – Strapontin / I’m a Cliché
I’m a Cliché 84 – Strapontin/ I’m a Cliché