Directed by Patrick Belmont (Invisible Inc. 2021)

Directed by Yvan Megal & Patrick Belmont (Optimo Music, 2018)

Directed by Yvan Megal & Patrick Belmont (La Belle, 2017)

The Boxhead Couple
Directed by Yvan Megal & Patrick Belmont (Tablon, 2016)

Die Frau
Patrick Belmont, (not on label, 2014)

A sports team warms up at the gym.
A model of that same gym space is crafted and filmed.
Sequences of the actual performance cross sequences shot inside the scaled-down model, blurring the lines between the raw reality of the scene and the handmade fiction of the model.
Performers dance and practice sport moves, exploring new forms of ritual, playing music, singing, holding each other.
“Die Frau” tries to reach our schematic memory of spaces and tease forth our inner memories and illusions.

Patrick Belmont (not on label, 2012)

An early video experiment in codes and conventions of thriller movies and the narrative pontential of scale models.